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Name of Domain Year Registered
Purchase Options
XEIK.com 2007
Xinky.com 2007
Xirio.com 2007
XiStory.com 2005
Xpandia.com 1998
XpressWireless.com 2003
XSCafe.com 2004
XStands.com 2007
XtraHair.com 2006
XtraMix.com 2005
XtremeShoes.com 1999


Name of Domain Year Registered
Purchase Options
YasminaHotel.com 2008
Yboys.com 2002
YBUU.com 2005
yChocolate.com 2003
YesBuffet.com 2006
YesPrepaid.com 2005
YesSocial.com 2007
YIAOS.com 2009
YIWN.com 2009
YMGMT.com 2015
Yojance.com 2005
YoongJa.com 2014
YoPup.com 2005
YorkieLove.com 2004
YoSoyFutbol.com 2007
YoText.com 2004
YoungCho.com 2000
YoungEnt.com 2006
YouStraw.com 2007
YouTile.com 2005
YOYN.com 2007
yParis.com 2006
YRDA.com 2005
YYMGT.com 2015
YSUE.com 2006
YuMobile.com 2006
YuMobiles.com 2016
YuPhones.com 2014


Name of Domain Year Registered
Purchase Options
ZapCola.com 2003
Zennusa.com 2006
ZinkOnline.com 2001
ZJOE.com 2006
ZodiacAuto.com 1999
ZooJewelry.com 2003